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New Zealand ISPs Blocking Sites Which Do Not Purge Christchurch Video

After last week’s Christchurch shooting, Internet service providers in New Zealand are preventing access to websites that do not respond or decline to comply with requests to eliminate reuploads of the shooter’s original live stream. As per Bleeping Computer, sites such as 8chan, LiveLeak, 4chan, and Mega, the file-sharing site, have all been pulled by ISPs such as Spark, Vodafone, and Vocus.

The ISPs seem to be preventing access at the DNS level to sites that do not act in response to the takedown requests. However, it is not clear how successful the blocks will be. Just like most web-level blocks, the limitations are easy to shun through the use of a VPN or other DNS settings. Meera Kaushik, External Communications Adviser, Vodaphone, New Zealand, proclaimed that, for the time being, wherever such material is spotted, the site is blocked. She added that the site is notified, requesting they take away the material.

On a similar note, in the first 24 Hours period following New Zealand’s fatal mass shooting, Facebook revealed that it has removed approximately 1.5 Million videos. Reportedly, these uploaded videos were of the attack. Of them, almost 1.2 Million were “at upload.” The firm disclosed in a Tweet, following up on an earlier statement that it had been notified by authorities.

The company added that it has eliminated the supposed shooter’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Mia Garlick, Spokeswoman, Facebook, proclaimed that the firm is also removing all edited versions of videos that do not display graphic content. The terror attack seems to have been planned to go viral, with the supposed shooter revealing a manifesto that referenced many individuals including YouTuber Candace Owens and Felix Kjellberg. It as well included white supremacist conspiracy theories. Additionally, he posted a video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. This further made the message to go viral, even if all of those firms have worked to prevent its spread.

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