Spotify Family Plan UK Users Can Get A Free Google Home Mini

In 2018, Spotify offered to US users a free Google Home Mini speaker, and in 2019, it is bringing that deal to the UK. Beginning this week, both existing and new Premium for Family Plan users can enroll to receive a free device (usually having a price tag of £49) until May 14, 2019, while stock lasts, Spotify claimed to the media in an interview.

The £14.99 plan covers almost 6 family people, but Google’s Home Mini can distinguish each one through its Voice Match functionality so as to tailor music playback. Be careful that if you share the plan outside your household with non-family users, Spotify might start cracking down on the widely-employed practice.

Spotify joined hands with Google on the deal, but what is in it for the search behemoth? Well, it is vying in a tight fight with Amazon’s Alexa, and the gadget is an essential fraction of its revenue-generating, main ad business. Above all that, Home Mini has with a three-month of YouTube Music Premium for free.

On a related note, Spotify clearly banned ad blockers, as claimed in an altered Terms of Service rule sent earlier. The new regulations exclusively claim that “blocking or circumventing advertisements in the Spotify Service, or distributing or creating tools developed to block ads in the Spotify Service” can lead to instant suspension or termination of your account.

The service already takes noteworthy actions to restrict ad blockers. In a media report from August 2018, a spokesperson of Spotify disclosed that the firm has “various detection actions set up monitoring usage on the service to investigate, detect, and deal with artificial influence of streaming activity.” After it was claimed in March 2018 that 2 Million consumers (almost 2% of free Spotify consumers) were evading ads with modded accounts and apps, Spotify started cracking down by banning accounts when the firm saw abnormal activity.

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