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Alphabet Investing In A Variety Of Health Care Ventures

Alphabet Investing In A Variety Of Health Care Ventures
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Alphabet’s ‘Other Bets’ segment has several new projects related to health care in the offing. Taking the cause of health care very seriously, the Verily unit is currently focusing on building a sophisticated rehab center for combating the opioid crisis in Ohio’s Dayton city.

Other efforts in the health care segment developed on an ambitious scale by Alphabet can be Cutlery for the movement disabled, Innovation to Combat Mosquitoes, Complex Algorithms for Predicting Sickness, Determining Normal Levels in Patients and Adding Veracity to its Medical Content.

The 2014 acquisition of Lift Labs by Verily shows that Alphabet means serious business when it comes to health care. Priced at $200 for the starter kit, the Liftware spoon is one of the products that facilitate movement of tremor riddled hands of users. Incorporation of sensors on the handle sides ensures about 70% stabilization.

Set free male species of ‘Aedesaegypti’ mosquitoes sterilized with ‘Wolbachiapipientis’ bacteria in the Fresno region of California with the aim of reducing the mosquito population is another project. Mating of female mosquitoes with these sterilized males will lead to a fall in their numbers and consequently a drop in the spread of several viruses like Zika. Focus is on technology that will help to sift the female from the male mosquitoes.

Using in-depth machine learning for developing algorithms that will predict the occurrence of fatal diseases like sepsis among patients and development of app termed ‘Streams’ for early identification of kidney failure besides others are the two products being worked upon.

Analyzing massive data obtained from 10,000 people with sophisticated techniques over a four year period for ascertaining the normal levels with regard to a patient’ s health is yet another venture titled ‘Project Baseline’ undertaken by Verily.

Taking the help of Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School, Google is ensuring that all its medical content is updated and verified before it appears in the health linked searches.

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