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SLV Firms Say Rideshare Offers Opportunity, Along With Threats

SLV Firms Say Rideshare Offers Opportunity, Along With Threats
Written by Vincent Wilmot

 Companies which are involved in development of small vehicles for space have been promoting their launch pads as an excusive mean for accessibility for relatively small satellites. But now they have revealed their wish to fly rideshare projects to space because of stiff competition from larger players in the market. One of the leading companies in the small launch vehicles, Spaceflight from Seattle has recently declared their collaboration with another of its counterpart Vector. Spaceflight have decided to buy from Vector a rocket which is scheduled for launch in the second half of this year and they are also looking to buy other vehicles with future launch dates with various price options.

Spaceflight will take care of the entire cost for the integration of the whole project which comes under the agreement. They will get a payload fairing to assimilate in a set of small satellites from Vector. After integration, it will be shipped back to Vector and then will be installed on its rocket Vector R. The vice president of Spaceflight has said that the company has full faith in Vector’s commitment and potential for satisfying the requirements of the consumers in the area of access to space by launch vehicles. The CEO of Vector while addressing the SmallSat conference on the 6th of February said that this rare agreement on launch share does not necessarily make them an expert in the business of rideshare. Rather they have agreed to collaborate with Spaceflight because of the various complexities involved in this sector so they found the best way was to work in a team with Spaceflight.

Spaceflight has earlier worked in similar terms with another small launch company named Rocket Lab. This was in June last year when they had an agreement to flying payloads on Rocket Lab’s electron launches. Although these projects were scheduled for end of 2018 and start of 201 but they are yet to take place till now.

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