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Apple To Launch Its Video Service In April Sans Netflix, Hulu

Apple To Launch Its Video Service In April Sans Netflix, Hulu
Written by Arleen Hendricks

Apple Inc. has reached its final segment of launching a new video streaming app. This service will feature free content for device owners and for existing subscription holders. Netflix and HBO are not looking forward to be a part of this service. This information has been cited from an internal source that is closely linked with this service.

The tech giant is looking to launch the service in the months of April-May. The service will let customers sign up onto existing digitally enabled streaming products, so that they can watch programs on the iOS TV app, a service resembling the Prime Video Channel concept from Amazon. Apple is aiming at simplifying the viewing of mobile videos by hosting content in a single app in place of forcing users into launching different apps for separate services.

Reportedly, CBS as well as Viacom will be offering streaming services available on subscription on Apple’s platform. The reports were gathered from people involved in the matter and spoke under the clause of anonymity, owing to the discussions being private.HBO is expected to join the premium network compilation. However, it doesn’t seem to have progressed sufficiently in its discussions with the authorities at Apple, as per sources. Additionally, HBO hasn’t been offered the same terms by Apple as had been offered by Amazon offered. Apart from Netflix, Hulu isn’t expected to be included in Apple’s product. Currently, both companies aren’t a part of part of Amazon Prime either.

Although the exact reasons for the discord between HBO and Apple remain unknown, media companies seem to be concerned regarding data sharing as well as revenue splits. This is because Apple has been trying to accumulate existing services by using new ways. For example, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, Apple is moving towards gaining near about 50% of the revenue that is derived from new subscriptions of the news service it has been in the process of launching into the market later in 2019.

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