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FDA Approves Depression Drug That’s Related To Ketamine

FDA Approves Depression Drug That's Related To Ketamine
Written by Michael Copeland

FDA approves a nasal spray as an anti-depressant. The medicine is comparatively new in the market than the other available nasal sprays. It contains a component called as club drug ketamine. The permit was given by an advisory team to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday.

The nasal spray is esketamine, a medical product from Johnson & Johnson. This is an anti- depressant medicine for people on whom other therapies have not worked. Medics suggest that at least 2 different therapies should be tested on the patients before giving this nasal spray to them. The medicine received 14 votes out of 16; one member did not participate in the voting process. Most of the members of the panel stated that the medicine has far more benefits than negative effects. The general side effects of this medicine are dizziness, dissociation and nausea.

This medicine is a form of anesthetic ketamine, which is popularly termed as Special K. Intravenous. The drug is especially beneficial to people who have suicidal tendencies. The nasal spray is supposed to have faster effect on patients and is also easy to use. Moreover, it is easy to carry the spray. It has been observed that the spray starts working just after 4 hours of intake. T present some of the antidepressants take as long as 4 weeks to respond. The spray is supposed to assist 30% to 40% of the people suffering from major anti-depression symptoms.

As per Walter Dunn, one of the voters (who is in favor of ketamine nasal spray), informed that other factors which must be kept in mind while prescribing the medicine is, the cost and availability of the same in the market. At present, only one antidepressant drug approved by FDA is available in the market; this medicine is Eli Lilly’s Symbyax.

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