India Regulator Probes Charges That Google Exploited Android

India Regulator Probes Charges That Google Exploited Android
Written by Michael Copeland

The antitrust commission of India is looking into an allegation that Google, the Alphabet Inc’s unit, abuses its well-liked Android mobile OS to obstruct its opponents, according to sources knowing regarding the issue said. The CCI (Competition Commission of India) has for the last 6 Months been assessing a case identical to one Google confronted in Europe that resulted in a penalty of $5 Billion (4.34 billion euro) last year by antitrust regulators. That order has been challenged by Google.

The European Commission discovered Google had misused its market supremacy since 2011 with conducts such as impelling makers to pre-install its Chrome browser and Google Search on Android devices along with its Google Play app store. In recent month, Google officials have met Indian antitrust executives at least once to talk about the grievance, which was registered by a group of individuals, as said by one of the resources.

The Indian regulator could seek its investigation unit to further scrutinize the charges against Google or discard the grievance if it lacks value. Android features on around 85% of the world’s smartphones. Around 98% of the smartphones sold In India in 2018 utilized the platform, as per estimates of the Counterpoint Research.

Google, in October, stated it would charge smartphone manufacturers a fee for utilizing its well-liked Google Play app store and also enable them to utilize opponent Android versions to conform to the EU command. The change, nevertheless, entailed the European Economic Area only, which includes the 28 EU countries and Liechtenstein, Norway, & Iceland. The Indian grievance presents the newest regulatory pain for the firm in a key growth market.

Likewise, a penalty of 1.36 billion rupees was imposed on Google by the Indian antitrust watchdog for “search bias” and misuse of its dominant position. Also, it discovered Google had placed its commercial flight search function in a top place on the search results page.

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