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New Rule Bans Federally Aided Clinic To Perform Abortions

New Rule Bans Federally Aided Clinic To Perform Abortions
Written by Michael Copeland

Trump administration has come up with a new rule. It bans federally aided clinic to suggest abortions to women or perform it. The new rule which has been announced on February 21, 2019, by Department of Health and Human Services would now be put to challenge in the courtroom. On the same date, Attorney general from Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum said that she would be filing a lawsuit against this. Ellen mentioned in her statement that medical care providers often serve as excellent counselors for patients. In that case, they should be able to give advices and options of all types including “abortion”. This would be extremely unfair if uttering the word makes them deprived of federal funds. If the rule is made into a law, several clinics that provide help and support to women and families would have to close which is unacceptable.

The rule also made it clear that clinics that get funds for federal family planning would henceforth not be allowed to perform surgeries in the same facilities that also do abortions. Laws in US do not permit the use of federal funds for family planning in cases of abortions. Orthodox anti-abortion groups claim that the procedures are supported through other channels.

Planned Parenthood offers various reproductive services and abortion is one of them. They said that if the new rule is made into legislation, doctors would no more be able to share health information with their patients which is against their professional code of conduct. Planned Parenthood’s President Leana Wen gave a real life example to demonstrate the abnormality of the situation. She said how it would be if the doctors were asked not to tell their patients that they have diabetes and they are in need of insulin. If that can be allowed, why is women’s right of abortion or childbirth is being viewed differently.

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