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Bad News For The People Who Applied For A Trip To The Red Planet

Bad News For The People Who Applied For A Trip To The Red Planet
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Many of us remember the company, Mars One Ventures that intended to fly 24 people to Mars, which is planned for a one-way trip. It was not shocking to know that the company went bankrupt. Long back Verge notes that many had long doubted the whole project to be a scam, as Mars One Ventures having no steady plan for how to really send humans to the red planet. The Swiss financial notices have confirmed that the company has bankrupted, which came into effect on Jan. 15 and it was primarily noticed by a Redditor, and the entrepreneur who founded the company has confirmed the news. He stated that the company is still in action, but it doesn’t have enough funds to actually make the mission possible. The company is working and that just for the profit arm.

A post appeared on the company’s website stated that the Mars One Ventures is at present hustling on a solution with an investor and restated that the bankruptcy only involves the company’s Mars One Ventures AG and it doesn’t impact its financial position, which is responsible to drive the mission. The company is keenly continuing the hard work to safe funding for mission future steps which can be attained through the listed company or from the foundation. A recent post on the company’s official website stated that a new investor would disclose its plans for the mission on March 6. For executing the company’s actual mission to send people to the red planet, it will continue to seek a strategic alliance with well-known companies and organizations who are involved with the travel to the red planet. Mars One itself will try to work on sending humans to Mars and on the adventurous story of people, in reality, living there on Mars, which makes it a new home for humans.

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