Microsoft Focuses On Businesses With Its New Tech

Microsoft Focuses On Businesses With Its New Tech
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Microsoft revealed its groundbreaking HoloLens in 2015, which allowed people to play games and watch movies, make calls on Skype and check the weather of any area in the world. It was the first augmented reality demonstration in the world, in which images generated by computers were fit into reality like holograms. This Sunday Microsoft showcased its next generation of HoloLens where such fun features were removed. It was expected that Microsoft would show how its HoloLens 2 would be used for construction works, equipment monitoring and complex surgeries.

The presentation made this Sunday by Microsoft in the Mobile World Congress, a trade show for mobiles in Barcelona, showed the quantum of high bets placed on the Satya Nadela team. Some of the other presentations showcased here showed fancy new features to intrigue customers, which included companies like Huawei and LG. Yet Microsoft wont hearts here by putting forward their breakthrough technology and showcasing its applications in the business world.

A fellow technical in Microsoft, Alex Kipman, also called the man behind HoloLens, watched the entire presentations from the sidelines as Microsoft showcased its existing customers in this Barcelonan conference. Like the technology chef from Mattel, Sven Gerjets, spoke about how marketers could join hands with HoloLens and work on the virtual toy development industry. Along with this Microsoft also put forward a newly developed camera which focuses on Artificial Intelligence. It was unexpected that Azure Kinect, which uses a similar technology it its game sensors could not connect how this new device could help improve the gaming Industry.

The cloud is another important feature that Microsoft focused on, showcasing its 2014 mantra of a world where the mobile and cloud technology works hand in hand. It introduced new cloud features that posed as a threat to Amazon which is the market leader in Cloud services.

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