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YouTube Removes Anti Vaccination Promoting Videos

YouTube Removes Anti Vaccination Promoting Videos
Written by Michael Copeland

Back on February 22, 2019, YouTube barred many channels from getting advertisement facilities that propagate for theories relating to anti-vaccination. The video-sharing giant took the initial step after it received a notification from firms that complained about their advertisements been playing alongside the controversial clippings.

According to an official of the World Health Organization, the anti-vaccination videos are set to cause a global threat in the year 2019. Furthermore, a spokesperson of YouTube said that they took such initiative to eradicate many channels that showcase anti-vaccine videos and promoting myths among the users. In a statement, a concerning authority from the video-sharing giant told the press that the company doesn’t advocate any misinformation about medical facilities as it can harm the masses.

To take another counteractive measure against such videos authority of YouTube also stated that they are planning to make informative videos about vaccination. The concerning person also told the press that the video-sharing website will design authoritative content to get rid of false information. YouTube is also set to create a fact checker on the videos where a user can check the surety of the news which he or she is viewing over the internet. Authorities of YouTube believe that this initiative will help to discard false information from their website like automatic changes made by algorithmic programs.

YouTube was bound to take such action after Prof Dame Sally Davies had accused the social media of creating fear among the people regarding vaccination. Prof Davies further told the reporters that due to the false information against vaccination parents have stopped providing MMR vaccines to their young ones. She further shocked the reporters by revealing the fact that even some of the celebrities believe these myths and are acting under its influence. A similar kind of nuisance had taken place on YouTube last week when reportedly, pedophiles have started to comment on videos which showcase children.

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