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AI Likely To Replace Jobs, Enhance GDP Massively In Future

AI Likely To Replace Jobs, Enhance GDP Massively In Future
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Sam Altman, president of Y Combinator, one of the most protuberant Incubator startup company in Silicon Valley has said that Artificial Intelligence will do most of the jobs in near future and will replace the people. However, AI will pave the path for more modified jobs and increase the material wealth, which can boost the size of global by the rate of 50% a year within decades. The young president of Y Combinator is also involved in developing long term futuristic technologies.

Altman was speaking on Monday, at the New Work Summit by the New York Times and his affirmative and optimistic approach towards future of AI drew attention. It’s just two years when a prestigious company from Silicon Valley were blamed and questioned for privacy issues, violating the privacy of the user and supporting oppressive commands. Well, talking about the defining startup feature, running a successful business always needs someone, carrying a thoughtful belief in them and for the company’s future is not so common. Altman optimistic approach is very fair in that term. Altman added that jobs will go from entire classes and will never revert back. Human radiologists are much worse than that of computer radiologists, if it comes to choose among them, I’ll go for computer radiologists, said Altman while addressing the event at Half Moon Bay in California.

Altman seemed highly assured and cited something which Jeff Bezos (CEO, Amazon) told him years ago. Altman said that there are not enough people for all the work, like what if every student has an individual teacher or what if no one had to wait in queues while visiting a doctor. There will be fewer jobs but overall economy and GDP will skyrocket by 50 % a year for two decades. Altman does consider the negative aspects of AI but was more focused on its positive side. He said that it would be excellent if poverty, climate change, and fatal diseases can be cured by AI.

Altman was among the few first who participated in OpenAI program funded by Elon Musk, he suggested that the government should pay a fixed amount to people who will lose their jobs.

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