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Satcom Procurement Reassigned To Air Force Secretary

Satcom Procurement Reassigned To Air Force Secretary
Written by Vincent Wilmot

The Air-Force Space Command is now responsible for the procurement of the commercial satellite communication services on behalf of the Defense Department. Previously this responsibility was under the Defense Information Systems Agency. This change took place in December 2018.

While this is a big change taking place, there are other important changes taking place in the Defense department. DoD has decided to build a Space Force. The proposal was raised to Congress in the upcoming days. This is a new military branch. If the change is approved by the Congress, the formation of this new military branch will break the Air-Force Space Command. This proposal from Pentagon will transfer all employees and the functions under the Space Command of United States and under Space Force. During this transformation, the responsibility of procuring commercial satellite communications will be given to the Secretary of Air-Force. This complete proposal has been submitted in the form of draft.

When the other satellite communications companies were contacted for a view on this change, they denied commenting. Congress transferred the management of commercial satellite communications to Air-Force Space Command; DISA was asked to carry out this change. This decision was taken in the 2018 fiscal year. This proposal took place in the form of the National Defense Authorization Act.

This is a long pending change. The executives of the Satellite communications are proposing this change for years. They have also expressed their grievance on DISA’s approach of leasing the bandwidth of commercial satellite in short contracts. Air-Force Space Command has informed that it will look into other ways in which communication services for US military can be acquired. Jay Raymond, who is the chief general of Air-Force Space Command, informed military users of satellite communications want to be able to roam smoothly amidst the available satellite service providers.

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