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Strictly Women: Bumble’s New Recruitment Tool That Excludes Men

Bumble Bizz, the professional networking tool of Bumble, is all set to get a filter that will exclusively allow women and exclude men. The feature has been named Women in Bizz and can be turned off or on in application settings. The feature will help in exclusion of men from a collection of various potential connections of a particular user.

The idea behind this new tool is to help a workforce that has been traditionally and conventionally underrepresented to connect and build a support system outside the workplace or office. This newly added tool is kind of an extension or modification of the core women-first mission of the popular dating application. Bumble allows women to take the first step by messaging their romantic matches and interest first. It helps women in making the first move.

Now it is trying to aid and guide female employees and workers who have been for so long traditionally outnumbered to build out a network consisting of solely females. The founder and chief executing officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd, recently stated that conventionally male-dominated and patriarchal industries make it essentially and critically urgent and important for the women folk to turn to representation. She added that Bumble Bizz will help women in connecting with other women in order to show them all the possibilities and provide them with all the required resources for setting up careers of their own.

Bumble Bizz was launched during the latter part of 2017. It is most often put to use by hiring managers or recruiters for searching, finding and seeking out new talent. Limiting and restricting this potential pool of future workers and employees to women only will help them in competing for jobs or employments in industries that are ruled by men in particular. The company stated that they are hopeful that women will embrace this opportunity to aid foster developments of each other and demand the time that they may be missing in their workplaces.

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