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Scientists Genetically Alter Yeast To Brew CBD And THC

Scientists Genetically Alter Yeast To Brew CBD And THC
Written by Michael Copeland

Researchers in California have generated a safer and cheaper eco-friendly method to make cannabinoids, the chemical compounds that offer cannabis its many mind-altering and medicinal qualities. The trick is in employing genetically altered brewer’s yeast to create cannabinoids, instead of ethanol, as per a study posted by the University of California, Berkeley.

The scientists verified over a dozen genes—comprising many employed by the cannabis plant to manufacture cannabinoids—and added them into the yeast. The genes generate enzymes that commence a sequence of chemical reactions, and in a procedure much similar to brewing beer, those reactions make cannabigerolic acid from sugar. From that, a long catalog of cannabinoids can be created, comprising CBD and THC, the former of which you can now see marketed as a cure-all at your local gas station. In all significance, cannabidiol, or CBD, might possibly cure chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and more, and is employed to cure childhood epileptic seizures.

On a related note, scientists at the College of Arts and Sciences recently proclaimed that according to their latest study, cannabinoid medicines do not seem to help in reducing the power of experimental pain. However, on the other hand, the research highlights that these medicines might assist in making this pain less unpleasant as well as more bearable.

Martin De Vita G’17, a doctoral aspirant in the clinical psychology plan, is the lead author of a highly anticipated paper on the subject in JAMA Psychiatry. De Vita is currently studying the link between substance use and co-occurring health conditions. He stated that cannabinoid medicines are generally used as painkillers. However, the experimental pain research has formed the mixed conclusions. De Vita further added that pain is a complicated process with numerous dimensions that can be affected independently. The latest paper signifies the foremost organized review of an experimental study into the effects of cannabis on pain.

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