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Huawei Says ‘Won’t Build Backdoors’—Report

In a recent press meeting, Chinese experts told media that Huawei has to provide the networking data to the present government of China if they were asked to do so. Experts have also pointed out that the mobile giant has to do so since China has strict laws regarding National Security as well as espionage.

Most of the countries, including Australia, the United States as well as Japan have banned the use of Huawei in designing hardware for 5G technology. America has put a ban on Huawei as it fears that the mobile giant would provide its exclusive data to the Chinese government. Last year Australia has also given guidelines to telecommunication companies that they should take duly care for the security of 5G project if they are working in collaboration with a foreign company.

On the contrary the founder of Huawei, Mr. Ren Zhengfei told the press that the company follows strict confidentiality norms and does not advocate to provide customer’s information to a third party. Mr. Zhengfei has also stated that the company will not help the government of China to spy over America. While addressing one American news agency, Mr. Ren said that Huawei will not employ backdoors and will not indulge in espionage.

In a press meet, Professor Jerome Cohen said that Huawei can do nothing but provide the data to the government of China once they are asked for it. Professor Cohen is a part of the faculty of law at New York University. While addressing the press, the Intelligence Agency of China said that all of its citizens are bound to answer the government and follow the laws of the country.

According to the Chinese government, if a person does not do so then it will be considered as the infringement of the country laws. One of the Chinese spokesperson also said that the US is imposing a ban on Huawei as it is afraid that like many other Chinese companies it would block some of its telecommunication providing companies.

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