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US Plans At Accelerating North Korean Sanctions If It Does Not Denuclearize

US Plans At Accelerating North Korean Sanctions If It Does Not Denuclearize
Written by Michael Copeland

In recent time, John Bolton—Trump’s National Security Advisor—stated that the U.S. will look at accelerating sanctions on North Korea if Pyongyang does not withdraw its nuclear program. Bolton told to Fox Business Network that after the summit in Hanoi amid Donald Trump (US President) and Kim Jong-un (Supreme Leader of North Korea), Washington will see whether Pyongyang was dedicated to scrapping its “nuclear weapons plan and everything linked with it.” Bolton—a disciplinarian who has a tough approach toward North Korea—stated, “If they are not keen to do it, then I believe President Trump has been pretty clear. They are not going to obtain help from the crushing financial sanctions that have been forced on them and we will look at expediting those sanctions up actually.”

His remarks came days following the February 27–28 denuclearization meeting amid Trump and Kim that broke down the differences on how far North Korea was ready to restrict its nuclear program and the level of the U.S. willingness to alleviate sanctions. Previously, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency and two US think tanks stated that North Korea had recovered part of a missile launch location it started to demolish after promising to do so in the first meeting with Trump in the last year. Yonhap News Agency stated policymakers briefed by South Korea’s NIS (National Intelligence Service) as the work was going on at the Tongchang-Ri launch spot and comprised replacing a door and a roof at the facility.

On a similar note, recently, it was stated that Trump’s North Korea meeting failed since he does not comprehend what Kim Jong-un really aspires. Trump’s apparent wish to be awarded the Nobel Prize for his conciliations with North Korea was one of the losses of the Hanoi meeting during the end of February. The president has traveled to Asia two times to meet Kim Jong-un and achieved almost nothing. The indistinct objective of a denuclearized Korean peninsula has still to be clearly defined and there is no apparent roadmap to attain this objective.

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