Users Can Now Control Their Roku Using Amazon Echo

Users Can Now Control Their Roku Using Amazon Echo
Written by Vincent Wilmot

After declaring support last fall for Google Assistant, Roku is doing the same for Alexa voice assistant by Amazon. After incorporating the new Roku skill, you will be capable of controlling the Roku TVs and firm’s streaming devices with voice instructions such as “Alexa, open Netflix on Roku.”

You can pause content, open apps, or search for something to binge watching with your voice. Roku TV users can switch their TV on or off, change inputs, or adjust the volume with the help of Alexa as well. You will still require mentioning “Roku” in every voice command rather than just “the TV,” though. If you have got an antenna connected to your Roku TV, you can also tune to particular channels.

Roku tells us that Google Assistant and Alexa have the same consistent feature when it comes to managing its devices. So there should not be anything one assistant can do that the other cannot.

On a related note, Amazon earlier claimed that it has joined hands with Marriott International Inc to assist elevate guest authorization to facilities with Alexa, via its voice-activated device Echo. This comes in a bid to extend its attendance in the hospitality sector. Alexa for hospitality will help in offering services tuning from requesting housekeeping to ordering room service or calling the caretaker for dinner suggestions without having the need to pick up the phone.

The firm claimed that the joint venture will begin at Marriott’s select properties this summer and the offering will be accessible to other hotel chains by invitation. Various media reports had claimed that Marriott had tested both Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Inc’s Siri to choose what was best suitable for its hotels. Marriott did not answer particularly on Apple, but claimed that it has great relations with a number of tech firms and is always open to discovering opportunities to improve and innovate the guest experience.

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