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Study Suggests Afternoon Nap Likely To Benefit High BP Patients

Study Suggests Afternoon Nap Likely To Benefit High BP Patients
Written by Michael Copeland

In for need of a pick-me-up during the daytime that might also help maintain your levels of blood pressure? Researchers have suggested that you should be taking a nap.

According to Dr. Manolis Kallistratos, sleeping during midday has appeared to help in lowering levels of blood pressure at similar magnitudes as affected by other major lifestyle changes. Kallistratos is employed in Voula’s Asklepieion General Hospital in Greece as a cardiologist.

For every hour you sleep, the systolic level of your blood pressure notes an average drop of nearly 3 mm Hg. As per medical terms, systolic pressure is the upper number of any blood pressure recording. It measures the force with which your blood pushes against your body’s arteries during the beating of your heart. Diastolic pressure which is the lower number in the reading sums up the force in between the heart beats.

If you consume a low-dose drug aimed at lowering blood pressure, for instance, it can help in reducing the level by an aggregate of up to 5-7 mm Hg. Instead, a nap potentially can decrease overall level of blood pressure by an average amount of up to 5 mm Hg, according to authors of the study.

Kallistratos insisted on the importance of these findings as any drop in levels of blood pressure, even if as seemingly insignificant as up to 2 mm Hg, may potentially reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks by nearly 10%.

For this study, the researchers gathered data on a figure of 212 people, who had an average age of 62, with level of systolic pressure averaging at 130 mm Hg. Nearly one-fourth of these participants, were either smokers or suffered from type 2 of diabetes or both.

The researchers took to comparing blood pressure levels over the period of a day where they compared those who slept during mid-day for approximately 49 minutes against those not doing so.

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