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Sellers Can Themselves Set Value of Items, Without Amazon’s Involvement

Sellers Can Themselves Set Value of Items, Without Amazon’s Involvement
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Amazon-associated 3rd-party merchants are feeling a bit relaxed now.

The giant e-commerce organization has been restricting its 3rd party merchants to sell their products exclusively on the Amazon platform, but not over other online platforms. But now, the company has revealed that it would no longer interfere with the sellers over the subject.

The sudden variation in the policy by Amazon arrive in the middle of the concern that the approach used by the company could be possibly infringing US antitrust law.

Amazon authenticated the policy variation, which took effect from the beginning of this week, without leaving any comments.

Earlier, Senator Richard Blumenthal had appealed to the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice for inspecting into the antitrust violations and at what prospect, the company could alter the prices of goods, which the consumers have to pay.

He submitted letters to the FTC and DOJ, in which he wrote that Amazon’s price parity approach may lift up product prices for the customers both at the temporary basis and in long-term also. The approach may restrict the efficiency of online marketplaces, through which customers might get a better price deal over their favorite products.

Amazon is still in the risk zone, as there are some lawmakers who would like to investigate more deeply into the regulations set by large tech firms.

Member of U.S. Administration, Elizabeth Warren has appealed for the huge tech firms such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon to be segmentalized as they are holding more than required authority and playing anti-competitively at the global level.

She has recently proposed a law, a part of which reveals that Amazon would not be allowed to put the branded products associated with itself on sale, such as AmazonBasics on its platform.

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