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FDA Tightens Nooze Over E-Cigarette Rules, Fruity Flavors To Restrain Teen Vaping

FDA Tightens Nooze Over E-Cigarette Rules, Fruity Flavors To Restrain Teen Vaping
Written by Michael Copeland

The commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, Scott Gottlieb has stated in an interview that the flavored products pose a concerned threat to youth, so when they are focusing at the health of public then they simply consider that flavors easily suppress other qualities of any product.

Thus, FDA has released a new policy which is designed to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and also they will be removing a lot of fruity flavors. Gottlieb believes that these flavors create the situation of addiction in young kids and it is spreading like an epidemic. The appraisal of this policy has been kept under public views for 30 days so that the FDA can get reviews of the common people. If the policy will be successfully accepted then it will pull out all nicotine products and flavored e-cigarettes and vapes.

FDA is reviewing the policy to introduce a few more strict laws because the problem doesn’t just stop at e-cigarettes but there are many companies which are using nicotine products and sell them in different flavors. Like, there are bubble gums, candies, juices, etc. whose fruity flavors attract youngsters and end with the addition of nicotine. Thus, to track and hunt down those products need more investigation and better policy, as stated by the FDA.

Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has shown in their statistics that students and young kids who smoke have drastically increased by 78% from 2017 to 2018 in their National Youth Tobacco Survey. However, Gottlieb said there will be no effect on menthol, tobacco, and mint as they are classic flavors and help adults to switch smoking. Maintaining the balance between the adults and kids, Gottlieb has constructed the policy that kids can stay away from the harm while adults can help themselves by switching their habits.

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