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Structured Cabling Market – How Future of Industry looks post Covid? Growth Analysis & Forecast 2020-2026

Structured Cabling Market
Written by Arleen Hendricks

Structured cabling is designing and deploying of cables that are projected to succor manifold uses of hardware and fulfill the current business requirements. Precisely, this type of cabling is a campus cabling set up comprising of a small number of standard elements referred to as subsystems.

Global Structured Cabling Market: Growth Factors

With the onset of the digital revolution and innovations witnessed in wireless mobile telecom system, there has been an exponential rise in the data collection & assimilation by firms. This has resulted in the need for swift data transfer which has created humungous demand for structured cabling systems across these firms. Additionally, immense focus on effective cost-benefit analysis, cloud connectivity, time management, IoT, and data automation has lucratively enhanced the popularity of structured cabling technology.

Moreover, centralized services are being created for proficiently managing IT assets of a firm. The rapid acceptance of software for handling as well as enhancing the network connectivity of IT devices has resulted in the need for centralized services for data production & storage in myriad sectors. This will pave a way for the growth of the structured cabling industry.

Additionally, the product offers various benefits such as price efficiency, low downtime risks, cabling bulk & congestion, and improved airflow. This will proliferate the expansion of structured cabling market.

Global Structured Cabling Market: Segmentation

The structured cabling market can be classified into component and application. Component wise, the market is segmented into hardware, service, and software. Application wise, the industry is classified into BFSI, energy, industrial, transportation, commercial, government, energy, IT & Telecom, and healthcare applications.

Global Structured Cabling Market: Regional Analysis

Structured cabling industry growth in Europe is projected to gain momentum with the use of internet and digitization gaining prominence across the region. With large data centers establishments witnessed in the region and information technology becoming a backbone of the economy as well as the catchphrase of the region, the structured cabling business in Europe is likely to flourish within the next few years.

North American region is predicted to dominate the overall market trends over the forecast timeline, subject to the presence of giant manufacturers including ABB, Corning Incorporated, Schneider Electric, Belden Inc., and Legrand SA. Apart from this, Massive presence of telecom and manufacturing units adopting structured cabling technology in the countries such as the U.S. and Canada will catalyze the market progression. Apparently, popular use of fiber optic cables and acceptance of digital solutions in government, logistics, commercial, transport, and residential sectors will exponentiate the scope of the business.

Moreover, Asia Pacific is projected to be registering at a swift growth during the assessment period, owing to favorable schemes introduced by the government to endorse digitization, advertise the benefits of smart equipment usage, and encourage funding of cloud technologies & IoT. Professedly, the massive internet activities witnessed in countries like China and Japan will impel the market size.

Global Structured Cabling Market: Competitive Players

Few of the main participants in structured cabling market are ABB, TE Connectivity, Furukawa Electric Co, IBM Corporation, Cisco Systems, Anixter International, Panduit Corporation, Metz Connect, and Reichle & De-Massari AG.

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