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FB To Strive To Make Social Media Platforms Safer For Children

FB To Strive To Make Social Media Platforms Safer For Children
Written by Arleen Hendricks

Social media giant Facebook which also owns photo sharing site Instagram told BBC recently that it will do everything within its power to make its platforms safe for users especially in the vulnerable age group of teenagers. New VP of Facebook Sir Nick Clegg was responding on the tragic case of Molly Russell who committed suicide after viewing self-harm videos on Instagram. He said that though some of the experts the firm was working with wanted to keep these images to help viewers find support he would not allow his children to view some of the graphic content.

After Molly Russell ended her life in 2017 her parents and well-wishers found distressing materials about suicide and depressing in her social media accounts that prompted her father to say that social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest were partly responsible for her death. Sir Nick affirmed that their engineers are going through tooth and comb across all content on its platforms and are removing images, blocking hashtags and will continue to work with self-help groups like Samaritans and others to ensure that such instances do not occur in future.

But he said as experts have advised them against banning all content as some of it can be used by people to apply it as a cry for help and then receive requisite assistance. He also stated that though now Facebook pays around $4 billion of taxes in US it should start paying some in other countries too as most of its users are now outside United States. He also announced support for regulation of tech sector and said that he agreed with Mark Zuckerberg’s view that Facebook should not independently make decisions about safety and free expression on its own. Sir Nick is part of Facebook’s effort to create an external body to help its users challenge decisions about flagged materials.

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