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Samsung Offers Cheaper Smartphones To Fight Chinese Competitors

Samsung Offers Cheaper Smartphones To Fight Chinese Competitors
Written by Arleen Hendricks

Samsung is on a mission to dominate over its competitors by producing cheaper smartphones and has also decided to target the urban youth in the fastest growing market in India. This strategy was planned to give a strong response to the global threats.

Since 2012, Samsung has been dominating the Indian market but failed to keep up the pace after Xiaomi, a Chinese company, entered the market in 2018. This is not all, as its global position is also on the verge of facing challenges as Huawei, the Chinese competitor has presented it with a tough competition.

As a result of the present strategy, Samsung has launched two new models in the series of Galaxy that had picked unmatched praises and applause from the crowd in the past. These two models are M10 and M20 and will be priced around $112 in the Indian market.

When asked about the cheap price of the smartphone models, a spokesperson from Samsung stated these were designed especially for the youngsters in the country. These handsets will be launched on 5th February in India, before moving ahead with the launch in the other countries. The dates of the further launches have not been declared yet.

Not only Xiaomi, the Chinese brands like Vivo and Oppo have also made a prominent position in the Indian market that has definitely altered the market ruled by Samsung. Not only the top-notch features, but these companies are also offering the handsets for an alluring price that is contributing to the present scenario. With the average income around $2000 a year, these smartphones are ruling the market that was once dominated by Samsung. Counterpoint Research has revealed the market has 24% of Samsung users, while 28% Xiaomi users. To add to the existing anxiety of Samsung, Huawei has also stated by 2020 it will take over the position of Samsung in the global market.

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