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Tech Glitch In Apple’s FaceTime Allows Eavesdropping

Tech Glitch In Apple's FaceTime Allows Eavesdropping
Written by Arleen Hendricks

FaceTime became famous even before the other companies came up with the concept of video calling and has been ruling the genre since then. But a bug is eating through the reputation and has put Apple into a tight corner.

This bug allows the people to take a sneak peek into other’s iPhone without the receiver picking up the call. Benji Mobb was the first to report the incident, raising many eyebrows and confusions.

After he raised an alarm, CNBC executed a test and concluded that the claim was real and the bug has indeed poked a hole in the security measures of the tech giant. An experiment was executed in which, a person called his editor from the iPhone he uses through the FaceTime app of the company. Before the receiver picked the phone, he tried to add another person to the call but ended up adding himself to the call. All of a sudden, he started hearing the voices from the other end even when the editor didn’t pick the phone. Though they completed the conversation, there was no indication on the editor’s screen that the call was already live.

Another observation was brought into notice by the Verge, which started if a person wants to reject or end a call by pressing the power button, he or she ends up closing the video call but not the audio, which is another reason to worry. This feature is feeding on the feature of the FaceTime Group Call and the problem is arising whenever the caller is trying to add another person.

This is a serious security breach and this feature can be used for negative intentions as well. Apple has announced to come up with a fix that will help the customers secure their iPhones from any security breach.

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