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Apple’s 1st Ever Entrepreneur Camp To Help Women-Led Businesses

Apple's 1st Ever Entrepreneur Camp To Help Women-Led Businesses
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Four of the members of the team dedicated to the making of LactApp, which is the first-ever guidance to the lactating mothers, have headed to the pilgrimage from the Barcelona headquarters to Cupertino. Since they were feeling off-balanced at the massive California-based headquarters, Apple Park, they decided to go for the trip to complete a two-week long event, focusing to assist the businesses that are primarily administered by the women and have an app from iOS.

It was launched in a cafeteria of Apple and everyone was excited with the prospect of this bilingual app. Maria Berruezo, the co-founder of LactApp, also stated in a joking note that they should deprive themselves of sleeping and try to maximize the exciting prospects of the app.

The entrepreneurs who were the participants of the event were not aware of the basics of the conference. Apple even stated that the companies will receive the needed assistance in every way starting from developing the features to marketing the apps.

The CEO of the innovative app, Enric Pallares, also stated he is not aware of the entire scenario but is aware that he will have to complete all the activities needed to reach the target of the app. He further mentioned there is no certain program or plan and the app also doesn’t have any particular schedule.

The app developers have an exciting history of earning a whopping amount of $120 billion since 2008 through the App Store of Apple. In fact, this is an indication of how much these enterprises can earn with due time, which is the most alluring aspect of this app.

The experts believe the women have the strength to empower the global economy but are not able to progress in the path due to the conventional laws that are not only outdated but also baseless.

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