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Former Starbucks CEO Mulls Running For Presidential Post In 2020

Former Starbucks CEO Mulls Running For Presidential Post In 2020
Written by Vincent Wilmot

Howard Schultz the former CEO of coffee chain Starbucks has said during a recent book tour that he is seriously considering about joining the growing list of presidential contenders as a centrist candidate who is outside the US’s existing two party system. The 65 year old former CEO who was instrumental in turning a local coffee chain into an international behemoth said to CBS that though he has been a lifelong Democrat he will challenge as a centrist due to failure of constitutional responsibility by Democrats and the Republicans.

He expressed his disappointment with both parties which are engaged in personal vendetta and revenge politics instead of working for the American people. Speaking as a prelude to the official launch of his book “From the Ground Up” he stated that the current president of America is also not qualified for the post but then other party members are also no improvement over him and their bickering has brought in the nation’s most fragile moment. His book details Shultz’s life journey as a businessman and innovator along with his vision for the country.

Though he is relatively unknown and has not started his political career as yet it remains to be seen how his views on several contentious issues will stand during the campaign trial. A previous article in The Atlantic had revealed that Democrats are concerned over Shultz’s run as president as they are worried that if he stands as a centrist it will dilute Democratic votes and ensure another win for Trump. Their worry was real in view of Shultz’s declaration during the interview that he will welcome all ideas irrespective of them being from Democrats, Republicans, Liberals or Independents as long as they are for American people’s benefit. He has been an avid supporter of open immigration laws, climate change and healthcare policies and has often chided politicians for fiscal irresponsibility.

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