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Chaos Protein Concentration Swings Improve Immune System Functionality

Chaos Protein Concentration Swings Improve Immune System Functionality
Written by Michael Copeland

The modern research mechanism has revealed several pieces of interesting facts about the human body. However, there are plenty more yet to be unveiled. In fact, some of the researches are stuck on the brink of getting solved and revolving around the cell signaling pathways. These pathways regulate the proliferation, growth, and survival of the cells.

It was found that when a person is affected with cancer, the factors primarily responsible for suppressing the functionality of the tumors fail to act properly while some of the signaling proteins become hyperactive. Hence, the researchers have concluded that the key to preventing as well as curbing the negative effects of the ailment is to understanding the dynamics of the cells in action. This will not only help prevent cancer but also several other chronic ailments.

The latest research has revealed a new mechanism named chaos that deals with cell regulation. This research was executed by Professor Mogens Høgh Jensen and Mathias Heltberg, a doctoral researcher. They belong to the University of Copenhagen’s Bohr Institute, located in Denmark. This research team also included National Center for Biological Sciences’ Sandeep Krishna. The prime motto of the research was to identify the stimulating pattern of a particular protein for the activities of the genes. They have minutely scrutinized a nuclear factor κB or NF-kB, which led them to a conclusion of chaotic dynamics.

This nuclear factor is the basic attribute responsible for maintaining the functional and alert mechanism of the body’s immune system. Therefore, getting to the roots of the cell behavior may help protect the body from the ailments like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The nuclear factor, NF-kB is synonymous to transcription factor and is crucial for both the adaptive and innate immune functions, moderating inflammatory responses. Also, NF-kB signaling is an important factor in cancer as it provided a link between inflammation and cancer development.

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