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2 Massive Ground Telescopes Key To Space Astronomy

2 Massive Ground Telescopes Key To Space Astronomy
Written by Jenna Buxton

The United States held a conference that was focused to talk of the astronomy mission, which is tagged with the biggest ever aim in the genre. However, the conference proved to be a no-show due to several reasons.

22nd December witnessed the initiation of the partial shutdown that has not only affected the technological giants but also the space enterprises. This has also refrained the civil servants of NASA from attending the ASS or American Astronomical Society meeting, held in early January in Seattle. In fact, the officials who were administering the James Webb Space Telescope were also deprived of the same. The mission was considered with anticipation as it has immense scientific potential. It was also treated with anxiety as there are numerous schedule delays and investment overruns.

Due to the absence of the space agency, the administration department of the meeting had to cancel the town hall reservation that was dedicated for all the astrophysics programs. They also had to cancel the booking of another town hall meant specifically for JWST. In fact, Northrop Grumman, who is the major contractor of the telescope also preferred to maintain a silent profile throughout the conference. Previously, it had denied to attend any interview and disclose the current status of the telescope.

the Space Telescope Science Institute or STScI’s Director, Ken Sembach mentioned that the work on JWST at the Space Telescope and Northrop Grumman is under operation. Also, he has confirmed that the spacecraft of JWST has already accomplished a set of vibration test successfully.

Due to the countless delays and uncontrolled challenges in its way, the astronomers doubted if JWST will be able to accomplish the mission and hit space immediately after the Hubble Space Telescope called it off. However, the scientists believe that Hubble will even remain powerful through the 2020s.

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