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Air Force Space Banks On Private Space Firms For Military Launch Requirements

Air Force Space Banks On Private Space Firms For Military Launch Requirements
Written by Jenna Buxton

In view of rising number of private operators that have moved into space travel and satellites Air Force of United states is also looking forward to working with private firms to make rockets that will lift satellites of militaries and intelligence agencies and put them in orbit. Though there have been reports that several of these satellite launch firms are laying off their staff Vice Chief of Air Force Space Command is confident that space industry in commercial sector will survive and thrive. Speaking at an event in Mitchell Institute Lt. Gen David Thompson of US Air force stated that though the financial health of commercial space travel firms was a bit of a concern the industry was on the verge of a boom. He is keen on encouraging private enterprises and allowing the Air Force to concentrate on just the specifics of satellite launch and data management.

This is because several years ago the US Air Force had decided not to waste time and effort in making its own satellites and launching them but instead use launch services of private commercial vendors. Officials know that this will be more successful as will allow them to choose from strongest partners that are aligned to their security needs. Thompson stated that though there are several small and large firms in the market now providing this facility it will select only two of the most financially secure firms for launch of national satellites. He said that Air Force departmental officers are keeping a close watch on private operators and have seen some great ideas that can revolutionize the industry. In fact the Air Force Space Command is closely monitoring contracts awarded to United Launch Alliance, Northrop Grumman and Blue Origin which have collectively received around $2.3 billion from Air Force to ensure that their commercial rockets meet requisite launch requirements.

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