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Chinese Fir Tree Extracts Likely To Help Fight Cancer

Chinese Fir Tree Extracts Likely To Help Fight Cancer
Written by Michael Copeland

The latest research has established that the structural analog of a compound found in the fir tree in China, which is endangered, has the potential to fight against the core attributes of cancer after combining with a cancer drug that is already in operation. Since the occurrence of cancer is increasing at a rapid pace, it is one of the most crucial discoveries of the decade and is believed to protect the people from the deadly ailment.

NCI or the National Cancer Institute has stated that in 2018; 1,700,000 new cases of cancer were reported. Among the total number, over 600,000 have lost their lives, making the discovery even more important. Also, NCI believes if the death rate continues to progress in this rate, by the end of 2030, over 23.6 million fresh cases of cancer will be reported.

Hence, the scientists are not leaving any stones unturned to identify the proper treatment procedure of cancer to not only curb the effects of the ailment but also to prevent it from occurring.

In the latest study, it was proved that the oolong tea extract has the potential to fight breast cancer. On the other hand, a Chinese tree was found to have the potential to control pancreatic cancer that is resistant to every kind of medicine.

An interesting fact is, the humans never step back from harming the environment to get their activities done but nature has the most effective procedures to treat cancer hidden in its elements. Mingji Dai, in association with Zhong-Yin Zhang, is examining the therapeutic potential and molecular makeup of Abies beshanzuensis, which is a species of the fir tree in China. The former is the organic chemist at the University of Perdue, West Lafayette, IN and the latter is a professor of medicinal chemistry at Purdue.

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