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Vincent Wilmot:-Vincent

Vincent Wilmot has been working with us for 2 years and with his hard work and efforts has earned the position of Senior Content Writer in a short span. He handles the content and news reporting of Business world; right from the latest trends, to mergers & acquisitions, to news and much more. In spare time, Vincent likes to go play with the share market numbers along with enjoying trekking and hiking with his friends.

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Jenna Buxton:-Jenna

With an experience of more than 4 years, Jenna Buxton is showing her skills through writing articles and blogs relating to the Science field. she has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the terms and terminologies used in the Science field and can present in a simple manner. She is dedicated to writing reports and articles about the inventions, day-to-day events, breakthrough, and launch news associated with the Science and outer space field.

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Arleen Hendricks:-Arleen

Arleen Hendricks is an experienced individual Senior News Writer having a thorough understanding of the Technology field and enthusiasm to get acquainted with the newest technological advancements from across the world. With the fitting skills to depict and explain the technological world in a comprehensible way, she writes blogs and articles related to all up-to-the-minute inventions, updates, launches, and much more. In her free time, Arleen likes to wander new places and watch movies & spend time with friends.

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Phone: +1 630-410-5116

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Michael Copeland:-Michael

Michael Copeland is one of the most experienced Content Writer as well as one who handles the team in our organization with an experience of over 5 years. He scripts everything related to the invention, discoveries, and breakthroughs concerning the field of Health. In spare time, Michael likes to work in skits and acts that try to spread awareness about health-related topics as well as provides lectures about content writing & content management.

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Michael Copeland:– [email protected] | +1 630-917-6681

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